July 6, 2017 Board Meeting Quick Notes

UpdatedFriday July 7, 2017 byNick Dreher.

Here is a Quick Recap of the board meeting on January 6th, 2017.


The board nominated and approved several positions here is a breakdown: 

President - Adam Linamen
Secretary - Marie Pelloni
Treasurer - Erika Allison
Concessions - Megan Haunty
Sponsorship - Beth McSwaney
IT/Web- Nick Dreher
T-Ball Commissioner - Bryon Breese
Farm Commissioner- Jamie McSwaney
Minor Commissioner- Mike Kay
Bronco Commissioner- Randy Rowe
Pony Commissioner- Jay Wagner
Colt Commissioner - Tim Gallagher
Legion Commissioner - Pete McMillen

We are still looking for someone to take the vacant Field Maintenance Director. If you are interested please let any board member know.


Jeff Stull is also going to get Fall Ball setup for this Fall, look for more information to come soon.


A huge thank you to all exiting board members for all the thankless hours you all have put in for the betterment of our league and for our kids.